The Millay Tapes, Next show: Italian Market Festival 5/19, NEW EP “The Art of Falling” Coming soon!

My tribute album to the late great Edna St. Vincent Millay, “The Millay Tapes”, is featured in “Through Their Eyes” an exhibit at her homestead Steepletop for the 2018 season. I am honored and excited to be a part of this exhibit but it comes with some difficult news. The Millay Society is in danger of closing Steepletop’s doors due to financial issues. If you are a fan of Millay, poetry, or the arts, please consider donating to keep this beautiful home and her legacy alive.

Special Exhibition for the 2018 Season
Edna St. Vincent Millay: Through Their Eyes

From the Millay Society “Edna St. Vincent Millay, one of America’s finest poets, was a public figure who rose to prominence in the 1920’s when she became her generation’s spokesperson for gender equality and personal freedom. Much like celebrities today, she carefully crafted her own public image, creating what became a popular brand emulated or reflected by other artists and writers during her lifetime and beyond. In this exhibition, we look at the way others viewed this bestselling poet and incorporated her brand, or at least her essence, in their own work. This exhibition features a small selection of the vast catalogue of this artistic work created in a variety of forms: sketches, paintings, sculpture, music, the spoken word, film and the written word. Not included are portrait photographs Millay commissioned for publicity purposes or her own poetry and recordings. Instead, she is portrayed here as she appeared through the eyes of others, at times during candid moments shared only with family and friends. ”
The exhibit is located in the M. Barbara Jackson Exhibition Gallery at Tamarack Cottage, Steepletop’s Visitors Center; and is free to all those visiting Steepletop during normal hours.

At Millay’s homestead in upstate New York Summer 2017


Can’t wait for the Italian Market Festival! I will be performing at noon on Saturday March 19th with the awesome Brett Kull on the Joe Brown Jr. Stage at 9th and Ellsworth. Come on down to 9th street for great music, food, and fun!

I had the best time with the great Dan Collins filming some of the final scenes for “The Art of Falling” music video. We have been filming through all the seasons and have hiked over 20 miles through the glorious colors of late summer and fall, a cold and snowy winter storm, and now the beauty of spring arriving. I can’t wait to share this video with you and the new album produced by the awesome Brett Kull. I am so thankful for all of Dan and Brett’s hard work and for their wonderful friendships and support. Stay tuned for release dates! Photo by Dan Collins

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