“Magical Ending” Netflix placement, Ladybug Music Fest, New album “Long Night Moon”!

I am very excited to announce that my tune “Magical Ending”  is featured on the Netflix show Yankee. (season 1, ep 18, last scene/credit roll). Thank you to BMG and the Giving Groove! It’s in a pretty steamy scene at the end of the episode! Oh my!  After all the years of hard work, it was very cool to hear the song play out over the credits. 🙂 “Magical Ending” was produced by the awesome Brett Kull and is off my latest EP “The Art of Falling”. Available here and proceeds benefit Rock to the Future via The Giving Groove! https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-art-of-falling/1434144001

I am looking forward to rocking the awesome Ladybug Music Festival on Thursday July 18th! I will be singing at the Academy for Peace in Wilmington. My set starts at 6pm. Looking forward to sharing the stage with Tanqueray Hayward, Angela Burns, and Dawn Hiatt. The Ladybug Festival is a 2 day event featuring some of my favorite songwriters: Ginger Coyle, You Do You, Andrea Nardello, Nicole Zell and Thrillchaser, Joy Ike, and many more! All female, all fun, and all free! Check it out here and come on out for amazing time! https://theladybugfestival.com

I have been chipping away this past spring/early summer on my new album “Long Night Moon” at the wonderful Chateau Fornance Studios in Norristown. I am so very lucky to get to work with the amazing, multitalented Brett Kull. We have recorded 8 tunes for the record. This recording experience has been absolutely wonderful and painfully challenging for me. The songs are coming straight from the heart and the soul, and Brett is producing them in such a magnificently magical way. I can’t wait to share them with you. I can tell that once this record is complete, I am going to come out on the other side of it very much changed and I am looking forward to continuing my mission of sharing my music, helping others, radiating peace and love, and to live on this planet promoting peace and harmony for all!!!! Stay tuned for release dates and tour dates! peace and love and all good things to you, Katie B


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