Pre-taped live show with Rise Twain coming soon, New album, New single, Big Label release

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you and your family well. Sending you all so much love. I have been busy riding the waves of this current time period. Some days the waves are giant and other days they break and there is a calm for a little while. I am sure the same for you. I have been writing new songs and have begun working on my 10th album! It will be my 3rd album engineered and produced by the amazingly talented Brett Kull. Our previous 2 albums “The Art of Falling” and “Long Night Moon” are available on Spotify and ITUNES. We are looking forward to using this time as a creative outlet and to push ourselves to try new soundscapes for your listening pleasure. The new album is currently untitled but we will see what comes around for a proper name as the process unfolds. I am excited to share the new tunes (a great deal of them written while at home alone during this time) and a few before this all began.

(A sneak peek: “Tight Rope” from my new album in production)

( working on the new album with Brett)


In between finding new, solitary places to hike with my dog Wilson, laughing with my Mom, Dad ,and my nephew on FaceTime, and mastering some new recipes in the kitchen, I attended my first online songwriting retreat with the great Judy Stakee (Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry) and it was tremendous fun, informative, and very inspiring. Here is the link to her website. She is a wealth of knowledge and a powerhouse. 

I played my first online show ever this past week on May 15th with the Kelly Center for the Haverford Spring Festival. It was so wonderful to play live, even if not with an audience in attendance. Plus, I got to open for my favorite songstress Danielle Miraglia (she lives in Boston and has a new, awesome blues album coming out soon). We would of performed together at the Kelly Center that night.

I am soooo excited to announce that my favorite band Rise Twain and I are going to film a pre-taped live show (art house feature) for you on Saturday May 23rd at the Chateau Fornance in Norristown. Details of the release date to come. I will be performing with Brett Kull and Jeremy Beck . It will be a mix of their tunes and mine. We will both be playing brand new unreleased songs and old favorites for you. It is going to be a magical show and we are looking forward to making it extra special. Stay Tuned! (Brett and JD Beck of Rise Twain below)


Coming soon!!!! A new single written by the great Obie O’Brien titled ” This Shall Pass”. It is a beautiful, uplifting song to help us through this challenging time. Obie contacted me a few weeks ago and said “I have a song I want you to sing!” . It came at the perfect time. I got to collaborate with Obie, the wonderfully talented Cole Redding, the great Mike Lawson, and the one and only Phil Nicolo. Featuring Graham Hawthorne (David Byrne, Paul Simon) on drums. How amazing is it to get to collaborate with all these fine musicians and producers even if we can’t be all together in one place! 🙂 Stay tuned for the release!

(Proper social distancing in the vocal booth with Obie O’Brien and Phil Nicolo in the studio May 2020. Nottingham, PA )

My very first album “Shootin for Noon” (recorded in 1999 by the great Ari Raskin) is currently being released by the awesome Big Label. My tune “Little Addictions” is available now on Spotify! Thank you to Big Label for helping to release my catalogue of music. Especially “Shootin for Noon” which was previously not out there in the world.



I am also very excited to announce that my song “Dawning of a New Age”  recently signed with Rebel America out of Houston, TX: licensing for tv/film.

Also, I will be offering private voice, songwriting, and music lessons online this summer for all ages. I will be scheduling in the coming weeks. Contact me at I will be posting about the lessons in the coming week with more information for you and your family! 🙂

Sending you all so much love and stay tuned for new music and be well! Love, Katie B


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